TAC was founded in 2014 with one principle in mind – community. A gym is not a building. A gym is not a collection of equipment. A gym is a community. And the quality of any gym is the level of its community. Because community forges culture, which in turn defines identity. And there is no better place to start a community than where one that is already strong – Cleveland.


TAC was dreamt up by Nick White, based on his belief that there was an under-served market lying between the two extremes in the fitness industry. Since the 1990’s there has been a rise of gigantic “big-box” facilities. This model touts the value “passive membership,” an industry term to mask the strategy of building a gym that people will join, but will ultimately not use. The natural reaction to the rise of this model was the emergence of small “box” gyms and boutique studios. The success of this model relies upon whether the business can sustain a community whose members see enough value to justify (often extremely) high price.

Nick believed that by creating a gym that people actually wanted to use, he could start a strong community and help the overall health of Cleveland. TAC set out to achieve this the way any true community is built – investment, service, and caring. We invested in the best equipment available, the best space possible, the highest standards of cleanliness, and the best team in the Land. We optimized service by eliminating all fees, creating straightforward contracts, and having every member of our team – from the front desk to the owner – always available to make sure needs are met and concerns are addressed. Finally, we care. We care that all of our members get the most health and value out of their membership as possible – because if a gym should be judged by one thing it’s the health and happiness of its members.

And it has worked. TAC’s member usage rates are several multiples higher than the industry average. And from this constant community interaction grew a culture of acceptance, inspiration and support. Our hot yoga classes have a lot of men, and the majority of our free-weight area is often women. And not only does everyone get along – members actually like each other and love coming to the gym. And when that happens, members tell their friends, and the community organically strengthens itself.

If you are a member reading this, you already know it to be true (also stop reading and get back to the gym). If you are not a member, chances are you are reading this because you heard about it from a friend. If that is the case, pay us a visit and be a part of what makes TAC truly unique.


–Nick White
Owner | Tremont Athletic Club