Below are TAC’s temporary safety protocols for member conduct. Be sure to take an extra thorough read through of the “Member Interactions” portion of the regulations.

This country has two pandemics going on right now. The first (and most serious) is COVID-19. The second is the fact that a large number of people, for some baffling reason, have decided that this universally shared challenging experience is the perfect opportunity to act like gigantic assholes. I’ll leave my social commentary at that, with the following caveat – NOT AT TAC. This gym has always been a community of health and support, and it will continue to be that during and after this temporary ordeal.

Be courteous, be kind, and be mindful, and keep your opinions on COVID-19, the state shut-down, and TAC’s regulations to yourself – unless you have suggestions on how we can make TAC safer for you – in that case, we welcome the feedback. Remember, many people have lost loved ones or know people who have become ill during this time. Other people have had their livelihoods crushed by the economic situation and are trying very hard to keep their people safe and take stock. When you are talking to someone about the current situation, always assume you are talking to both of these people at the same time. That’s free advice – in life and in the gym. You are free to ignore it in life, but not in the gym. We are a nice quiet little beach community here, and we will stay that way.

TAC exists to keep you healthy. Following these regulations is how we stay open for you. If at any time we feel that we cannot do this, we will voluntarily close. We all know that we have the best, most courteous, and most pleasant group of gym-goers this world has ever seen, and I’m confident that will always remain the case.

Capacity Regulations

All members will be subject to additional strict regulations and suggested behaviors regarding capacity. These include:

Member Attire

All members will be subject to additional regulations regarding attire. These include:

  • Face coverings must be worn while checking in only, and encouraged but not required while in the gym performing activities that aren’t inhibited by wearing a mask.
  • Members must wear clean, freshly washed gym clothes and bring only clean, freshly washed towels
  • Working out in medical scrubs is not permitted.

Member Check-In Procedures

All members will be subject to additional check-in procedures. These include:

  • Obeying all signs.
  • Observing social distancing in the lobby. Members must remain six feet apart.
  • Upon entering, members will see a sign with a list of questions regarding COVID symptoms and prior potential exposure. Members will have to give a verbal “all clear” indicating a universal negative answer (“no”) to all questions.
  • Members will then scan their membership card and be subject to a no-contact temperature check. Members with a temperature of over 100.4 degrees will not be allowed to use TAC.
  • Avoid unnecessary transactions and conversations during the check in process.
  • Cash transactions are discouraged.

Using the Gym

All members will be subject to additional regulations and suggested behaviors while using the gym, including:

  • Obeying all signs.
  • Observing social distancing throughout the space.
  • Members should not be on equipment if not using it. Phone use on strength equipment is prohibited.
  • While strength training, set breaks should be limited to 60-90 seconds.
  • Members must wipe down all equipment after use with provided equipment wipes.
  • Members must report any visible messes or elevated risk situations to staff on duty.
  • Members are encouraged to use hand sanitizer from any one of several mounted and free-standing dispensers.
  • Members must obey ALL etiquette guidelines in order to concentrate staff efforts on sanitization and safe operation.
  • When live group classes resume, members are required to comply with additional regulations.
  • Members are not permitted to close doors or windows without express permission.

Using the Locker Rooms

All members will be subject to additional regulations while using locker rooms, including:

  • Obeying all signs.
  • Locker Rooms consist of two main areas – the locker area and the sink/shower/bathroom area. No more than four people are allowed in each of these areas at any one time. If more than four people are in any area, do not enter the locker room and find an open space to wait for access.
  • Hand washing is required prior to exiting the locker room.

Member Interaction

All members will be subject to additional regulations and suggested behaviors and while interacting with other members, including:

  • Be courteous.
  • Be conscious of the space you occupy.
  • No unsafe physical contact.
  • No comments or communications regarding your opinion on appropriate level the seriousness of the current situation or TAC’s safety regulations or procedures, except communications to TAC staff regarding suggestions on how our regulations or procedures could be improved, which are encouraged.
  • No comments or communications regarding any member’s behavior or level of seriousness with which they take the current situation, except to report to TAC staff violations for investigation and discipline, which is encouraged.
  • No comments, communications, or actions intended to make any other member uncomfortable in any way.